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For those who are building regional Queensland

The property and construction sector are the ones we rely on to deliver the new homes and new developments that help regional centres grow and thrive. It’s about giving us places to live, work, shop, be entertained and more.

We work with clients who pride themselves on being part of a sustainable and responsible approach to development that works with other sectors.

Let’s show that professionalism to potential customers with smart, engaging marketing solutions.

Offline & Online Services

Tourist Brochure Distribution

The most economical way for you to get your brochures to motels, caravan parks and resorts where tourists are actively looking for information.

Bundaberg region only.


Your website is the heart of your online presence and is often the first place potential customers get to know your business. An attractive and user-friendly website is a must in business today.

Other Online Services

When you simply need help with problems such as these:

Getting your social media house in order

Rescuing an out-of-date website

Recovering your website or domain from a developer who has disappeared

Setting up campaigns. newsletters etc with Mailchimp or ActiveCampaign



Writing Services

Writing for websites, newsletters, blog posts, social media, print media, scripts, PR materials, speeches and business collateral. Thoughtfully crafted words that give your content a professional edge.


Related Third-Party Services 

I don't provide these services but I can help you arrange them through trusted providers:

Graphic Design


Web Hosting

G Suite Email & Cloud Solutions


Display Systems

Display Systems

Professional display solutions for merchandising or making sure your customers can easily find what they are looking for.

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About Regional Marketing Services 

Regional Marketing Services is owned and operated by David Wise specifically to service the marketing needs of regional SME's.

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